According to the US Census bureau Garcia is the sixth most popular surname in the US.  In fact, of the top fifteen surnames in the US, six are of Hispanic origin. This anecdotal evidence confirms that Latinos are the fastest growing US population demographic.  Given the task the Republican Party faces in repairing the damage inflicted by the Trump presidency, party leadership would be well advised to accelerate its appeal beyond its usual electoral suspect; white, middle-class and scared.  A record 32 million Latinos were projected to be eligible to vote in last November’s general election. About 62% of Latino registered voters identify with the Democratic Party, while 34% affiliate with the Republican Party.  Any strategy that could help shift the colossus that is the Latino vote will only have a positive impact for Republican candidates in future elections.

For Republican party leadership the good news is that the not only are Hispanic Americans the fastest-growing population demographic in the US, but they are patriotic and carry core values that align with Republican mantras.  Surveys abound that reflect the values of the Hispanic American culture:  family-oriented, faith-based, hardworking and mistrustful of populist promises.  But let’s be clear, nothing but a clear vision of reaching the American middle-class will swing Latino voters behind Republican candidates. By supporting party platform topics such as a living wage, lower taxes on incomes >$150K, rationale immigration legislation and expansion of college tax credits, Republican party leadership could grow a new core of Latino electoral support that sustains its platform and candidates well into the future.