The Short Sale

The CEO of a one man company dies outside of his investment bank and the banker who observes the tragedy quickly shorts the common stock of the company. Nice to know much hasn’t changed in the world of investment banking.

Battle for the Top

This snippet presents a confrontation between an angry executive and the company president. The executive is angry about the president’s demanding leadership and aggressive company culture. But who’s right?  Watch the fireworks and curious ending.

The Core of Entrepreneurship

This vignette takes place in 1930’s England and if you can get past the fact that it’s in black and white you will be rewarded with a delightful parable that modern capitalism and business schools should re-learn.

Shareholders vs. Customers

In this vignette shareholder value is put on trial by an executive vying to be named CEO over his rival who is the controller – they engage in a fascinating debate that is probably more relevant today than when the scene was...