Copper Beech Ventures LLC (CBV) provides Financial Consulting Services focused exclusively on two essential business objectives: profitable expansion and successful transactions.  Our clients are enterprises seeking the financial expertise necessary to make the transition to stable and profitable growth or considering a transaction to realize the accumulated value of the enterprise.

CBV consulting services are delivered through two practice areas:

Transaction Management

The stakes for owners are incredibly high when selling a business or attracting new capital.  CBV’s transaction management services are delivered through its sell-side due diligence model which anticipates buyer/investor concerns so potential issues are addressed via pre-market positioning.  

Strategic Reboot

The transition to profitable growth can be the most challenging period a business will face during its entire lifecycle. A strategic reboot provides the most efficient method to uncover new business opportunities; enabling quick and fact-based decision making and the means to execute.

CBV’s Value Proposition

For a fraction of the cost clients receive both the financial expertise and counsel of a corporate CFO with over twelve years’ experience in small and mid-size business investment and value creation.

How We Work

A free consultation of business and its operations is conducted and once all parties are satisfied there is a fit and value in a consulting engagement we advance to a contract.  Our engagements average about five months in duration.

Why Clients Love Us

We help the CEO manage a more complicated business environment by delivering the foundational elements of business planning that can help frame decisions and create an operating rhythm that improves performance.