Copper Beech Ventures LLC (CBV) provides Business Consulting Services for early-stage companies making the difficult transition to becoming successful enterprises. Whether it’s a new business starting out or an early stage needing a pivot or re-boot our clients are companies seeking to achieve stable profitability as they prepare for the next phase of growth.


CBV consulting services are delivered through two practice areas:

Planning solidifies the link between operations, financial objectives and market realities so the CEO/Founder can accurately measure performance and communicate a meaningful growth story. A plan document can be invaluable because it frames business decisions with objectives, creatives accountability and helps avoid expensives mistakes.

Development transforms the business plan into defined processes and supporting services that when combined create the operating enterprise. It begins with the sales process and links in cash management, IT, organization, etc. When completed the business should reflect an operating rhythm that fully satisfies the customer and improves business performance.

What’s CBV’s Value Proposition?

For a fraction of the cost, clients can receive both the financial sophistication and counsel of a corporate strategist delivered with the understanding of early-growth business culture. With CBV’s financial discipline and business experience the CEO will have the freedom to focus on innovation and growth knowing they have more control.

What Differentiates CBV?

CBV’s service offering combines the skills of a public company CFO with over ten years’ experience in small business investment and value creation. CBV brings the financial expertise, operating knowledge and executive presence needed for a business to achieve stable operating performance or execute successful transactions.

How Do We Work?

We help the CEO manage a more complicated business environment by delivering the foundational elements of business planning that can help frame decisions and create an operating rhythm that improves overall business performance. CBV works closely with the CEO/Founder to develop a robust business strategy, communicate the investment case to investors or accelerate the organization’s capabilities to perform.