CBV’s sell-side due diligence practice lowers the level of risk associated with a transaction and vastly improves the desired outcome for the business owner.  CBV’s transaction management service lowers costs, speeds the process and maximizes the value of the business.


  • Target the optimal investor group – strategic vs. financial sponsor.
  • Achieve higher valuation by avoiding price reductions.
  • Increase buyer/investor confidence by reducing uncertainty.
  • Lower transaction costs by accelerating the time to close.
  • Reduce disruption to the organization.


The Financial Narrative:  accounting matters but to be effective financial data needs to be woven in with an analysis that includes the context of operating metrics and market factors.

The Business Plan:  position the company with a compelling growth story in a format familiar to, and welcomed by, professional investors.

Organizational Readiness:  Management must demonstrate in-depth knowledge and control over the business’s operating activities and financial performance.   

Transaction Team:  CBV will lead the assembly of a qualified and cost effective team necessary to negotiate and close the transaction.

Project Management:  provide accountability and continuity in the transaction process by managing multiple work streams and project interdependencies.