• Increase buyer/investor confidence by reducing uncertainty.
  • Achieve higher valuation by avoiding price reductions.
  • Lower transaction costs by shortening the time to close.
  • Reduce disruption to the organization.




  • Financial Statements:  Command of the historical accounting and a presentation of financial performance woven with an analysis that includes cost behavior and ratio-metrics. 
  • Management’s Narrative:  A financial script that presents what’s driving profits, which products, departments or customers and the projected operating capability of the enterprise. 
  • The Charcoal Sketch:  An abridged growth story of the business opportunity in a format familiar to professional investors that will establish early price talk around valuation. 
  • Transaction Team: CBV will use its experience to identify cost effective subject matter experts such as M&A advisors, attorneys and CPAs to negotiate and close the deal.
  • Organizational Readiness:  Address identified risk factors and initiate the assembly of documents and analysis required by investors/lenders.
  • Project Management:  Process accountability and continuity by managing multiple work streams and project interdependencies.