The objective of CBV’s Strategic Reboot practice is to jump-start profitable growth in existing businesses.  CBV helps business owners and founders avoid the fatal mistake of sinking more capital into a stale vision by delivering a results-oriented strategy that achieves growth and reduces execution risk.


  • Know precisely what’s driving profits (or deficits) – which products, departments or customers?
  • Revenue and profitability growth in excess of marketplace/GDP levels.
  • Optimized cash flow through a clearer understanding of the business’s cost behavior
  • Organization unified by an energized strategic vision.
  • Improved investor and board relations.


Strategic Blueprint:  Cohesive and executable plan for profitable growth that is drawn from market research, competitive profile, new opportunities, operating capabilities and financial analysis.

Sales Plan: a comprehensive and realistic plan for revenue growth that incorporates market realities, economic environment, positon, pricing and cost of acquisition.  

Meaningful Financials: CBV goes beyond accounting reports to develop smart metrics to help create a data-driven culture so strategic decisions are linked with specific impact and measureable.

Competitive Assessment: Routines that create a competitive knowledge base and awareness that personalizes the competition and taps into the emotional energy of the organization to win.

Accountability: Meaningful communication of the business challenges associated with a Strategic Reboot and the organizational accountability needed to close the gap between strategy and execution.