The transition to becoming a profitable mid-stage enterprise is the most challenging period a business will face in its entire lifecycle.  The maturation to a stable business can be particularly challenging for the CEO/Owner who faces new types of risks and decision making for long term growth. As growth flattens a CEO/Owner may mistakenly invest further in the original vision rather than preserve capital and keep the company profitable.

The CEO/Owner should frame the mid-stage transition using four key steps which must be completed or present in order for an early-growth business to the stability and profitable growth associated with a mid-stage enterprise.  These four elements are:  Strategy, Scale, Capital and Readiness.

CBV helps the CEO/Owner capture more market value by helping develop new growth opportunities, recalibrating resource requirements and improving operating integration. CBV will imbed a market-linked strategic development process that will define the significance of the transition and support it with a financial reporting discipline. Partnering with CBV enables the CEO/Owner to focus on out-distancing the competition and maximizing shareholder value.