Business TransitionBridging Strategic Vision with Execution


It’s vital that the leadership of an early-growth business recognize the unique challenges that arise when a company must become more operationally mature. Entrepreneurs can become anxious when the early growth begins to flatten and may invest further rather than preserve capital and keep the company profitable. CBV helps the Founder/CEO match the capabilities of the business with the marketplace to find new growth opportunities such as missing products or services, emerging demand or underserved segments. Most importantly CBV imbeds the strategic development process and financial reporting discipline into operating routines, allowing the Founder/CEO to focus on managing the business.


Our practice offers specific capabilities to help manage the risks of business transition:

Strategic Refresh The first step should be to revise the company’s business plan in response to market feedback, competitive actions or attract new customers. The deliverables of a strategic refresh is management decisions, not documents and analysis.

Organizational Readiness Does the company have the right people and skills to maintain profitable growth? Does the Founder/CEO need to adjust their approach in managing the expectations of investors, board members or employees?

Operational Efficiency During the growth stage transition, a company works to become both operationally and financially more efficient. Are the business systems, process and staffing capable of servicing future growth or just adequate?

Capital Adequacy Becoming a stable and profitable company will likely require new funding sources to support future growth. The reengagement of existing or new sources of capital will require revised offering materials and marketing efforts.