Bridge the gap between strategic intent and organizational execution

For a fraction of the cost your business can have a highly experienced CFO manage all the financial workflows of your business. CBV can oversee your accounting operations, get more value from bank relationships, lower expenses, improve systems and align financial reporting with key business activities.
Imagine receiving just the right information while having an experienced source of advice when making business decisions. Most importantly CBV will deliver on the basics while helping the business owner deal with a more complicated external and internal business environment.


Our practice features the following areas of expertise:
Financial Reporting & Analysis – Move beyond basic financial statements and breathe more life into the information the business is receiving from its accounting team.
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Cost behavior
  • Product Line/Customer profitability
Financial Operations – It’s not sexy but the basics of financial workflow have to be done right.
  • Treasury and Banking
  • Financial Systems
  • Organizational effectiveness
Transaction Closing – For many clients these are once in a lifetime events and it has to be done right.
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Pre-sale or purchase due diligence
CEO Transition – Accelerate the CEO experience or augment their span of control. Our independent perspective in partnering with CEOs has:
  • Helped frame business decisions
  • Work through issues with Board Members
  • Aligned the expectations of new investors