Copper Beech Ventures provides business development and financial consulting services for mid-size businesses seeking to improve performance or develop a strategic opportunity. Copper Beech Ventures (CBV) offers clients the necessary combination of strategy, marketing and sales, finance, risk and operations.

Our consulting services are delivered through two specific practice areas:


Business Development & Planning

Before committing to that new idea or transaction, take an extra step and engage CBV to perform a strategic business review to measure your business capabilities with the macro-environment and competition. Our review will enable the efficient execution of strategy or projects.
Strategic Assessment
Business Planning
Performance Advisory
Financing Proposals
strategy 3

CFO Services

If the finance function of your business could use an upgrade then our CFO Services practice offers a cost effective solution. Bring in the financial experience that can significantly improve both the perspective and information necessary to make better business decisions.
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Transaction Closing
Financial Operations
CEO Transition